Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have not posted much about our family so we thought we should do a posting just for that purpose.  All of our children are married and very busy in their lives.

Our oldest daughter Julie Stout and her family live in Nauvoo, Illinois.  After having lived in Japan for twelve years they decided  to move back to the US, and after a short stint in Fillmore, Utah, they have settled quite nicely in the Midwest.  They have five children. Their oldest daughter, Lexi, just graduated from high school and has received the Marriott scholarship to Southern Virginia University.  She is very excited and eager to be off into the world.  Natasha or Tashi, their second daughter will be the Student Body President of her high school this next school year.  This summer they participated again in the Nauvoo Pagaent and had a marvelous experience.  Julie's husband, Brock, does executive search out of Japan and Julie runs an antique quilt business out of their home.  We participated in the Pageant with their family last year and had a most amazing experience--one of the most spiritual of my life.

This is one of my favorite shots of Lexi, taken at Christmas.

  Tashi and Lexi were double cast as Miss Dorothy in the school play, Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Here is Tashi as Miss Dorothy (in the blue dress).Both girls enjoy acting, singing and piano and are very talented.          
                                                                                Lexi graduated from high school with high honors this

Julie and Brock with Noah and Gracie.  (You will see some gaps from scanned photos that I put in and was unable to get the rest of the paper off of the photo so this leaves large gaps.  Keep moving down past the gaps.  This is the first one.

Tashi at her Jr. Prom

As you can see, Julie and Brock added two adorable kids while living in Japan.  This is Mia who is now 9 and her little brother Noah (dressed in Pageant costume), who is 6.

Stouts on Lexi's graduation day.

Jill and Seth and their family live in Woodland Hills Utah, in the foothills of the mountains east of Payson and Salem. They have six children:  five boys and one girl.   The oldest boy, Stephen,  is serving a mission for our church in Nagoya Japan.  The second, Jordan, just graduated from high school at the head of his class and is headed to BYU on a scholarship.  He has completed his associate degree through special courses in high school offered under a special program in the state of Utah.  Seth works for  an up-and-coming health and nutrition supplements company.  The family have lots of goats and chickens, which keep them very busy.

Here is Elder Mulder in Japan.  Looks like
he's working on converting a chipmunk.                                                    Jordan graduated at the very
                                                                                                                top of his class.

Both boys have excelled at piano, singing and acting.  They look forward to being able to play basketball together again when Stephen returns from his mission in Japan in September.

The Mulders had a wild few weeks in late spring with Jordan's graduation, Caleb's 12th birthday and ordination to the Priesthood, Luke's baptism and the birth of numerous baby goats (usually in the middle of the night).

Here are Jordan, Caleb and Seth at Caleb's ordination to the priesthood and Jordan and Luke at Luke's baptism

Benji with a newborn goat

                     Emma playing in the sprinkler

John and Traci and their four children live in Grantsville, west of Salt Lake City about 40 miles.  Their last two children have been born during our missions to Guatemala and Chile. They now have two girls and two boys.   John is the office manager for Western Technologies, an engineering firm in Salt Lake and Traci is a beautician.  Traci's family live in Fillmore, Utah which fortunately brings them down often.

Anabelle and Owen, the two babies born while we have been gone.  Our absence didn't make them any less cute, that's for sure.

Lyndee at her baptism which occurred
while we were home.

Here are a couple of shots of James

                                           James, Lyndee and Ana

Paul and his wife Nancy, who live in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake,  are expecting their fourth child, and third boy, around Christmas time.  Paul has a Certa Pro Painting franchise  in Salt Lake City and Nancy is a Nurse Practioner at the Newborn Intensive Care units at Primary Children's Hospital and the new Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah.  Nancy is also from the Fillmore area and her father, who is 96 years old is living in Delta now.  Delta is only about 40 minutes from Fillmore.


Jake, Emily and Sam in Buchart Gardens

We traveled to Canada and the Northwest with Paul
and family this last summer.  We visited Buchart Gardens and Oylmpic National Park.  Here are
three tired kids.

Jake and Sam really got into cracking walnuts for me               Emily and Jake are taking piano lessons and
at Christmas                                                                             we were able to attend their piano recital just
                                                                                                before we left for Chile.

This is a favorite photo of ours:  Jill's Emma and Paul's Emily.

Challis and Nancy are living in Corral Canyon in southern Utah near St. George with their two girls.  Challis is a salesman for U-Turn and Nancy works at the Dixie Memorial Regional Merdical Center.  They just finished a sale of their home in Idaho Falls where they were living until last fall.  They are enjoying living near Nancy's family.  Nancy's mother is from Scotland and her father served a mission in Scotland at the same time as Dave's Scottish Mission.  Her father also has Scottish roots.

In this first family shot, Challis, wife Nancy and daughter Aleah are at the wedding reception of Nancy's brother, Stewart Campbell.  How is that for a Scottish name?  As you can see, they made the most of the Scottish link and had a great Scottish reception.  The smaller girl in the photo is Paul's daughter, Emily.  I was on my way to Fillmore with the two girls for us to have a long weekend with them.

Add caption
Aleah, their oldest

We took Aleah, Lyndee and Emily to Bryce Canyon last summer and had such a good time.  Aleah is Challis's daughter, Lyndee is John's.

Here's Haley on the bridge at our Feb. work project.  All the kids except the Stouts in Nauvoo were able to help us get the yard and home ready to be left.

Our youngest child, Micaela is temporarily  living  in our home in Fillmore with her two daughters.  Her husband is commuting from Salt Lake on the weekends where he is employed with the federal government.  They sold their home within 6 days of listing it in January, anticipating a transfer to Hawaii in April.  They lived in my mother's basement until recently.  It has been good to have them at our home, helping to look after things.  They will finally move to Hawaii on August 20th and they expect their third child, a boy, in October.  (the government can move very slowly).

Here are shots of Hannah and Eliza.

I wanted to add this photo taken at Gracie's blessing right before we left for Guatemala.  In the rear are Julie, Suz and Suz's mother, Verna.  Seated is Dave's Mom, Geneal, with baby Grace.  My mother is now 86 and Dave's mom is 89.  We feel very blessed to still have them both with us.  



  1. I enjoyed reading this post Suz...your family are all doing so well, and are such achievers. You must be very happy about that. I know you are enjoying your mission. I pray for you every day. Love, Karren

  2. Sister Limburg, I was so excited to stumble upon your blog. It is wonderful to see how well all your kids and grandkids are doing.

    I am excited to read about all your adventures in chili.

  3. Thanks for posting these! It's fun to look back on these pictures, some of which I've never seen before.


  4. Thanks for the fun update on your beautiful family. I learned a lot. They are so great!