Monday, December 19, 2011

Moving forward

Easter eating
Caleb, James, Emily and Lyndee  My Utah kids all came at Easter and helped in the yard and had a good time with each other.  Caleb, Jake, Emily and Lyndee surprised me and went the extra mile with their yard work--all for free!.
All the Utah kids came for Easter and we had a great time.

The boys tore off the front porch which was falling apart.  It was much more work than expected.  Finally they rented a power tool which took it off quickly.  I had a new porch poured the next week.  It took 8 months to get the railings made and put up.  I should have had my boys do it.

John and Paul
John and Jordan survey the work

Luke blows out his candles

James and Jordan

Everyone came again in May for Mother's Day and we celebrated Luke's birthday.  Having company over the holidays really helped and I got through all the holidays without problems.  Memorial Day found me in Nauvoo and that was good also.  The boys were at my house putting in sidewalks in the back of the yard and around the barn.  They got flowers and put on Dave's grave.  I am so blessed to have the kids I do.  They're wonderful!

I went to Nauvoo the end of May and was able to attend
Tashi'sgraduation and be there for Gracie's 4th birthday as well as being there for Lexi and Bear's wedding and Jordan receiving his endowment in the Nauvoo Temple.  Great times!  Paul and family and Jill and family came out in time for the wedding and we had so much fun with the doin's in Nauvoo as well as with the Stouts.  It was a wonderful.

Gracie with the little dog I gave her

birthday morning 

Tashi, Lexi and Bear leave the temple

Lexi honored me by wearing my wedding dress.  She looked lovely.  The reception was held in the Nauvoo House and I was able to help sew new curtains for Emma Smith's parlor which was quite a treat.

I had a chance to take the kids to several venues while I was there in Nauvoo.   This is Mia and Noah at the pioneer games.
Mia and Noah

Benji with oxen in Nauvoo

The whole gang

Gracie looking not happy about being a pioneer

Benji and James pet the horses that pulled us on the carriage ride

Lincoln's memorial in Springfield
Paul and kids at the top of the arch in St. Louis
This Planter's Peanut truck was at our hotel in Chicago

Paul and family, Jill and family and I at Winter Quarters, Nebraska

Challis and family at the Fourth of July parade in Fillmore

My mother and Zachary at Paul's on the 4th
Geneal and her sister Lola at Lola's 95th birthday
Mom and Jordan before he leaves for Croatia

I took Aleah, Lyndee and Emily camping on July 7th up our canyon.  We prepared the camp sites, built a fire, played game,  made tin foil dinners and had a good time eating them.  John and family came up late that night and joined us.
Making tin foil dinners with Aleah, Lyndee and Emily
Eating the tin foil dinners
James showed up with a unique summer hair do
Cute Ana at the campout

My summer had been full of wonderful activities surrounded by family.  This was just what I needed.  What a blessing family is.  I feel like I am making the adjustment to single life.   I have fabulous friends in Fillmore who keep very good tabs on me and let me know I am loved.  I am okay with living here for now.  It is home.

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